Groomer Insurance

Dog, Cat, and Bird Groomers

Types of Groomers

Dog, Cat, Bird, Horse, Sheep.  Kennels and Trainers Welcome.

Mobile Groomers, Home-Based, Retail Groomers

Whether you groom from your house or get our on the road, we can get you quote.

Broad Coverage Options

General Liability, Pet Groomer Professional Liability, Animal Bailee, Pet Floaters, Commercial Auto Workers Comp.

Groomers need several types of insurance to protect their business:

General Liability, Professional Liability, Animal Bailee

Animal Bailee or Pet Floater Sample Claim

During a routine grooming and animal passes away.  Since the animal was in your care, custody, or control, you are found to be responsible to purchase a new dog valued at $800. This coverage sometimes falls under "pet floater". See More Claims

Fire & Business Income Coverage Claim

You receive a phone call awaking you to find that there has been a fire in the grooming salon that you lease and keep your most valuable merchandise and your equipment. All merchandise is destroyed. Replacing your merchandise will cost $30,000. In addition, you will...

Why do independent contractor groomers need insurance?

Independent Contractor Groomers Need Their Own Insurance First, it may simply  be that you need insurance as a groomer because the company that you work for is requiring it. If you are an independent contractor have a grooming shop oh, it's likely that the owner's...

Buy Groomer Insurance Online

Pet Groomer Insurance General liability, pet groomer professional liability, animal bailee coverage, commercial auto insurance and workers comp insurance for groomers is available right from your computer.  Other PoliciesBundle & Save Proin eget tortor risus....

Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily Injury A visitor comes to watch the dog be groomed and slips on some hair or water or the floor.  He suffers injuries of $15,000 and is forced to miss work for 2 months, resulting in $10,000 in lost salary for which the owner of the grooming salon is held...

Grooming Insurance

Animal Business Insurance - Groomers Insurance, Kennel Insurance Whether you call yourself a pet beautician, a dog groomer, or an animal coiffeur, insurance for pet grooming is available for your business.  Both at home dog groomers and groomers at...

What Insurance Risk do Groomers Have?

Being a groomer is riskier than you think... A dog could be injured while you are grooming him/her - accidentals cuts or other injuries A cat could escape while awaiting pick up An animal could die while in your custody Of course, you have traditional business risks -...

What makes Stratum Insurance Agency special?

Our clients also experience the Stratum Specialty Service   SUPERB SERVICE: we know our customers by name, not as a policy number STATES: we can help you across the country, even if you live in one state and have property, cars, or a business in another state ...

Pet Groomer Professional Liability Sample Claims

You groom a dog for a show and the dog's owner loses the show and sues your for not correctly grooming the dog and claims that he lost his several thousand dollar investment in the dog's preparation for the show. See More Claims

Groomer Insurance – adding more services

Today's dog and cat groomers are additional services to increase revenue.  With more services you have more risk in your business.  This requires that you get the right policy or multiple policies to meet your needs.   Popular Services Kennel, Doggy Day Care, and...