Learn about Groomer Insurance and Sample Clams

Understanding Why Groomers Need Insurance

Animal Bailee or Pet Floater Sample Claim

During a routine grooming and animal passes away.  Since the animal was in your care, custody, or control, you are found to be responsible to purchase a new dog valued at $800. This coverage sometimes falls under "pet floater". See More Claims

Fire & Business Income Coverage Claim

You receive a phone call awaking you to find that there has been a fire in the grooming salon that you lease and keep your most valuable merchandise and your equipment. All merchandise is destroyed. Replacing your merchandise will cost $30,000. In addition, you will...

Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily Injury A visitor comes to watch the dog be groomed and slips on some hair or water or the floor.  He suffers injuries of $15,000 and is forced to miss work for 2 months, resulting in $10,000 in lost salary for which the owner of the grooming salon is held...