Independent Contractor Groomers Need Their Own Insurance


First, it may simply  be that you need insurance as a groomer because the company that you work for is requiring it. If you are an independent contractor have a grooming shop oh, it’s likely that the owner’s insurance does not extend coverage to independent contractors. The situation may be different if you are an employee.

Second, groomers need insurance for their own protection. Looking back at the first reason, remember that if you are an independent contractor at a grooming salon or as a mobile groomer, the business owner’s insurance may not provide any coverage to you.  As an independent contractor you may want to insure both your liability and your equipment. Quality grooming tools are not cheap, so you should protet them.

Remember, if you are an independent contractor groomer, then you likely own your own grooming business, so you need insurance to protect your business.  If you are an employee of another company, the owner’s insurance may provide coverage for you.  If you are an employee you should confirm if your employer has insurance.